22 February 2012

21 February 2012

Book review: Clouser's Bass Book

Fly Fishing for Smallmouth in Rivers and Streams by Bob Clouser

Pros: Lots of tips, tricks, techniques, flies & pics of big-ass smallies. Plus there's something about the bluntness of old timers trying to teach you something, as in "you can't catch anything if you can't cast to it, dumbass" (I might have paraphrased that).

Cons: it's a little spendy, and it's a bitch for carry-on reading material (trust me on that) due to size.

Overall: Love this book. I've read it cover-to-cover a few times, and pick it up very often just to re-read certain sections. Worth the price.

Ask for it at your local fly shop or local independent bookstore.

As you're probably all tired of reading, I had a little techno-brainfart with regards to my domain name, RSS feed, links to earlier posts, etc, etc, etc.

I managed to get a redirect in place, and I've gone back 90 previous posts to update links to other posts...and will complete the task on the other 100 posts in the very near-future...yeah, I was as surprised as you are about having 190 posts...

However...those of you who were subscribed to RSS to the old 411number3.net domain: there ain't nuthin' I can do about that.

If you could resubscribe using the link on the upper right of the sidebar, I'd be honoured (if you haven't subscribed before, you can do it via FeedBurner RSS or email at the top right of the sidebar).

You fine folks that have me on your blogroll: I would be eternally grateful if you updated the domain name so the current post would be listed.

Thanks, everyone!

Here's some music.

16 February 2012

Housekeeping + tunes

I (semi-unintentionally) changed the domain name of this site from 411number3.net to mattrevors.com this morning.

This was something I was considering doing in the near-future, to help tie in my twitter handle (@mattrevors) and my fairly-new tumblr page for Instagram/Lightbox pics (mattrevors.tumblr.com).

Unfortunately, the hamsters that spin internal wheels at Google/Blogger, the Secret Society of the Stonecutters and whoever else might hold the puppet strings of fate had other things in mind, as the change occurred instantaneously.

This means every single link to posts I've made over the past year & some are now broken. I did manage to dive deep into the machine and create an URL redirect, but unfortunately anything will move on to the home/top page. I'm not overly computer-savvy beyond that, so...yeah.

However...if you happen to have a link with the 411number3.net domain (e.g., http://www.411number3.net/2012/01/back-to-school.html ) all that is required to get to the post you're looking for is change the 411number3.net to mattrevors.com (e.g., http://www.mattrevors.com/2012/01/back-to-school.html ). The rest of the URL remains the same.

As for you RSS subscribers (which there are surprisingly quite a few of you...thanks!), I think...THINK...I have things all straightened away. I'll confirm that tomorrow morning for sure; if it's all fubar'd, I'll go back to the drawing board. It's a big drawing board (see lack of computer-savviness above) so I'm hoping it's all straightened out.

For those of you not subscribed yet, you can still do that via email & RSS on the upper right of the page, in the sidebar.

I'm pretty sure this is messing up me far worse than it is you, loyal readers, but still, I write to be read. An unintended domain name change is a pretty good way for the reading part of that to not happen.

Here's that music I promised you. A tune that is more for my benefit than yours right now, I'm sure.

New post on Mooseknuckle Lanyards site

Just posted a new Dispatch from Canada (from Mexico) on the Mooseknuckle Lanyards blog site titled Six tips to improve your fly fishing this winter.

You can check it out here or click on the image below.

Best. Logo. Ever.

13 February 2012

I want one of these

Time/Date: 2355 CST, 13-Feb-12
Location: Nvo. Balsas, Guerrero, MX

I've decided, after more spending more time browsing the web than is considered healthy, roosterfish are moving up the list of fish I want to catch.

Photo from Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Encounters
Enjoy a tune.

11 February 2012

Another Redfish Fix

(aka another lazy-ass video post)

Here's two vids, both topwater redfish, one on the fly rod, the other on spin gear.

I wonder, since I can obviously spend an entire winter watching redfish videos, if I could ever spend an entire winter chasing reds I.R.L...

...I'd like to think I could...

- From probably the only Canadian (in Mexico or not) wearing a hoodie with a redfish on the back (thx again, Cameron!)

Enjoy the videos!

09 February 2012

Lazy-ass video post

Time/Date: 2050 CST, 09-Jan-12
Location: Nuevo Balsas, Mexico

So, yeah. I'm in Mexico for the next three weeks.

I'll be working night shifts with sporadic wifi coverage, so expect some irregular posting schedules...more than usual, even.

In the meantime, check out this quick & easy but bad-ass pike fly (*cough* muskie fly *cough*) tying video from McFluffChucker:

04 February 2012

Tumblr + Instagram & Lightbox

Time/Date: 0130, 05-Feb-12
Location: the intertubes...

First up: a new Facebook page for my local shop, Fredericton Outfitters & Anglers (webpage).

Facebook is apparently making some changes to how they handle groups...which kinda sucks, as we had over 875 members in the group, with loads of photos & other great content. I'll slowly be moving the best of it over to the new page, one pic at a time, and have asked the group members to repost some of their photos & videos as well

I've been posting regularly (spamming?) on the various channels to let people know about the switch, but the group has been a regular habit for more than a handful of the members for a couple years now, so I anticipate it being a slow & steady process.

The new page is located at facebook.com/frederictonoutfitters; click on over & give us a 'like.' We're not all that bad...

Next up...Tumblr (that's not a typo).

Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform that is not as micro as Twitter & its 140 characters.

I'm sure Tumblr is totally awesome & lots of things can be done with it, but I signed up for it for one main reason: it's a one-stop online home for my Instagram & Lightbox photos from my iPod Touch and Android phone.

Since taking the (mentally-refreshing) step of giving my D-SLR camera, lenses & accessories to my dad (thank you for freeing me, Dave Bruno!!), I've become even more interested in mobile-device photography, but the platforms for having these photos were not the greatest.

  • Uploading here? Too many steps: take pic, get pic from device to computer, upload & publish a post accompanying the pic.  
  • Instagram is awesome on my iPod as an app, non-existent on the web.
  • Lightbox is on the web & good as an app, but only about 4 people, including myself, know about it.
  • Flickr works...but is cluttered with albums & shit like that (in my mind)

Enter Tumblr. Each of my preferred photo apps allow me to share directly to my Tumblr page, and formatting of the 'posts' happens automatically.

I like it.

(Don't worry, loyal readers; I won't be quitting here. Tumblr is essentially a nice photo album.)

I whittled away the evening sorting through which pics I already have on Instagram & Lightbox to share on Tumblr (great way to procrastinate, btw...) and set up the photo apps to post automatically.

Check it out at mattrevors.tumblr.com/ or click the image of my Tumblr page below:

02 February 2012

Side Project

Time/Date: 2220, 02-Feb-12
Location: Fredericton

You may or may not know this already, but I love side projects.

They range from bars, social media consulting, the fly shop, conservation groups, carpentry, and, yes, even geology. Be it for cash, future considerations, fun or altruistic reasons, it's good to be busy.

Besides, it can't be always about catching fish, right?

This side project runs a little on the fun & altruistic reasons. Fun because I like causing shit, and altruistic because I think this shit is bad.

So I give you....

The aquaculture industry, with the farming of Atlantic salmon in particular, is doing some bad shit. This bad shit is happening in Canada, USA, Chile, Scotland and Norway. And in order to save our wild salmon, it needs to be addressed ASAP.

This has been brewing within me for a few months. It started when I attended a fundraising dinner of a local salmon association and saw one of the main sponsors was an aquaculture company. The same company that very recently had charges brought against it for illegally using pesticides in the open ocean. This got me thinking, reading...and angry.

This page will NOT be preachy; in fact, I'll only be linking to existing news bulletins, peer-reviewed journal articles, presentations and more. Heck, I'll even link to positive stories about the aquaculture industry (if I can find them).

Comments will be strongly moderated, too; no matter what side of the aisle a person's viewpoint is, I won't be tolerating hateful shit & conspiracy theories.

So if you care about this kind of stuff, I hope you 'like' it: www.facebook.com/saveourwildfish

Here's another side project...but not of mine: