02 September 2013

Well, that was fun...

After a few days of drinking microwaved coffee that I'd forget for hours at a time prior to drinking it, I've gotten my new website launched. I've pretty worn out the Command & V buttons on my laptop, and my eyes are bloodshot to hell. But it was fun.

And it's almost done - I've some formatting and updating on the blogroll left to do, and a few older posts to transfer - but close enough to 'done' allow me to press the launch button, and I'm sorta proud of how it turned out - especially the mobile version on iPhone.

The Saltwater Fly Journal is dead.

Long live the Saltwater Journal.

Simpler URLs make good sense.

I'd be honoured if y'all went over & checked it out - or even subscribed via email or RSS - I stand by my recommendation for using Feedly for reading RSS feeds.

That URL again is http://saltwaterjournal.com...or .ca, .net, .org, .info, or even saltwater-journal.com - no matter, they all work.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you all had a great long weekend.

- MT

30 August 2013

Friday Music Post

It's grey, wet and gloomy.

Stuck indoors - I'm working on something cool, but would rather be elsewhere.

This track comes on.

I dig it. It fits the mood.

Enjoy, and have a great long weekend.

- MT

(Can't see the embedded music track above? Click here)

28 August 2013

Happy Hump Day

I realized a moment ago today is the third anniversary of 411#3.

Send out the clowns.

Or, enjoy this track instead. Either way is fine with me.

(Can't see the embedded video? Click here)

Big things are going to happen over at the other site this weekend. 

Trust me. 

Details will be here on Tuesday, after the long weekend.

You've been warned - I'm aiming to amaze with this change.

Keep it real.


23 August 2013

Friday Music Post

This one screams summertime - enjoy!

*          *          *

In other random news, having found myself now sharing a pretty friggin' large apartment with only my fishing gear and Awesome the Dog, I'm in downsize mode. And also in saving for #VanFund mode. Details to come...eventually...but here's a sneak peak

The goal of #VanFund

09 August 2013

Friday Music Post

I first heard this track on a replay of the Strombo Show on CBC Radio 2 on a long, lonely nighttime drive back home a couple weeks ago.

The drums and guitar are goddamned powerful.

Some hints and tones of Explosions in the Sky (a personal favourite) in this tune, me thinks...


(Can't see the embedded video? Click here)

29 July 2013

Gear Review: Columbia's Powerdrain Cool water shoes

After three months of extensive testing in the day-to-day exertion of my life, I've (finally) come to a conclusion about Columbia Sportswear's Powerdrain Cool water shoes.

They're good.

Read the full review over at my other site here (or click the image below).

20 July 2013

Evernote + Fishing

That whole Evernote + Fishing post I eluded to a while back is now complete...

...but it's over on my other website. It's the first of two (possibly three) posts on the subject; I'll update this post when other posts are written.

Click here or the image below to view it.

17 July 2013

The Great Fishing Book Library Downsizing Event!

I have a stack o' fishy books requiring a good home.

This is partially due to my new geographic location but mostly because, once in a while, I feel it's totally possible to suffer from an anxiety attack when I see too much "stuff" around me. That's why I love this so-called 'ebook revolution:' I can have lots of books within reach, but not have to see them. Brilliant.

(EDIT, 21-Aug-13: I've another, newer reason to downsize - I'm giving up my apartment and buyin' a friggin' van so I can travel around, chasing fish. Proceeds from selling these books will go directly into my #VanFund.)

So it's time to downsize a little bit. Some of these books have been extremely helpful in my (ongoing) development of an angler. And most, if not all, of these books have entertained me during various fishless stretches due to work or winter.

I hope they all find a good home where they can provide knowledge and entertainment to their next readers.

Note: Prices INCLUDE shipping. If you live outside of Canada & the USA, expect shipping charges to be higher, however. Use the contact page to order or for more information; I can accept PayPal or Interac Email Transfer.

Warmwater Books
  • Fly Fishing for Smallmouth by Bob Clouser. Hardcover. $35. - SOLD
  • Bass on the Fly by A.D. Livingstone. Paperback. $15. - SOLD
  • Smallmouth Fly Fishing by Tim Holschlag. Paperback. $25. - SOLD
Trout (& Chrome) Books
  • Trout Bum by John Gierach. Paperback. $15.
  • Still Life With Brook Trout by John Gierach. Paperback. $15.
  • No Shortage of Good Days by John Gierach. Hardcover, signed by John Gierach and Bob White. $25. - SOLD
  • Mist on the River by Michael Checchio. Hardcover. $22.
  • Charlie Craven's Basic Fly Tying by Charlie Craven (duh!). Hardcover. $37.
Books for the Salt!
  • The Orvis Guide to Saltwater Fly Fishing by Nick Curcione. Paperback. $18.
  • Fly Rodding the Coast by Ed Mitchell. Paperback. $20.
  • Fly Fishing the Saltwater Shoreline by Ed Mitchell. Hardcover. $25.
  • Striper Moon by J. Kenney Abrames. Paperback. $15.
  • Saltwater Fly Patterns By Lefty Kreh. Paperback. $18.
  • Of Wind and Tides by Stu Apte. Paperback, signed by author. $25.
  • Redfish on the Fly by John Kumiski. Paperback. $18.
Fiction Titles
  • Ninety-two in the Shade by Thomas McGuane. Paperback. $12. - SOLD
  • Saltwater Summer by Roderick Haig-Brown. Paperback. $12. - SOLD

23 June 2013

The Summer Reading List

I find myself with a lot of content suitable for my other website but also fitting 411#3. Reggae music can certainly be equated with saltwater, and blue lobsters would fit in well with whatever the hell it is I do on this site. I think it's called crossover.

Books are definitely a big crossover item between the two sites; I like books a lot, fishing or not, and a lot of them are salt-related. Even if they're not salt-related, name a better place to read a book than beside saltwater. So with that, I present my recommendations for your summer reading list...located on the other website here.

So check it out. You might like it.

That link again is right here.

*          *         *

In other news, I think I'm an introvert now. Maybe I've always been and just hid it really well, and, if so, that task was most likely completed with a lot of help from dark rum from 1994 to 2001, and premium vodka from 2001 to 2010.

But those are stories for another time. I'm off to hide away in a lonely hotel room with one of the books on that reading list.